Culture society BELI CVET

Culture society Beli cvet (White Blossom)

Beli cvet was established in 1990 however the tradition of singing goes in our little town Beričevo, reaches much further into the past. Initially Beli cvet was all women singing quire and in 1998 some few men came to join in. Today there are 16 active singers in the group. Beli cvet is lead from the very beginning by Mrs. Danica Jurič. Besides being involved with singing at masses Beričevo, we also perform on different cultural occasions manly inside our municipality borders.

Beli cvet has evolved from its main purpose of singing into much wider scope of activities: organizing events, artistic workshops, exhibitions and furthermore with dancing, theatre and poetry happenings as well. The two traditional annual events we organize by ourselves are Mother's Day concert and Christmas concert. Each year we invite guest quires and performers from Slovenia and from Slovenian ethnic territories in our neighboring countries Austria and Italy.