Vokalna skupina PEGAZOVE MUZE

Short description and contacts

 (The Muses of Pegasus) is a female vocal group from Rogaška Slatina (famous health resort), Slovenia, Europe.
Their conductress is professor Mihaela Pihler.

Mrs. Milanka Virant Levstik - the president of the group
mobile phone: 00386 (0)40 510 949
official e-mail:
pegazove.muze@gmail.com, info@pegazove-muze.si

About the group
Over twenty girls and young women, in majority musically educated, started singing together in 2005.

The vocal group repertoire includes:
- Songs of Slovene composers from 19th and 20th century
- Slovenian folk songs

Sacred and secular works from renaissance to present time
- Slovene and international choral arrangements of the popular songs
- Songs for various festive occasions (Christmass Carols, Weddings, etc.).

The group has concerts and shorter public appearances all over Slovenia.
Their wish is to perform also abroad – on different choir festivals and competitions.
They would also like to build contacts with choirs from all over the world.

Achievements of the vocal group:

- Slovene regional competition for adult choirs - "Od Celja do Koroške" (From Celje to Karinthia), november 2006

     - A silver diploma for programme performance
 Award for the best Female Choir of the competition

- Major projects:
    - “Večer pod grškimi stebri” (“Evening under the Greek coloumns”) – Greek mythology brought to modern times (Cultural centre Rogaska Slatina, April 2007)
    - “Muze in trubadurji” (Muses and troubadours”) – a concert with guest male vocal group “Goldinarji” from Postojna (Mansion Strmol, May 2007)
Charity concert dedicated to the victims of the 18th September floods in Slovenia– with guests – Slovenski oktet (October 2007)

- More than twenty different larger appearances in Rogaška Slatina and Slovenia (Celje, Slovenske Konjice, Postojna, Radeče, Razbor, Rogatec, etc.).

Why Muses of  Pegasus?
Legend says that Apollo ordered
his winged horse Pegasus to drink from the hot springs near Rogatec (today’s Rogaska Slatina).
Pegasus flew toward Rogaška Slatina and stamped with his hoof on the ground when Apollo addressed to him. Suddenly a hot spring of miraculous healing water started to flow from the ground.

Legend is still alive. The spring of healing water still wells out. And muses are still here… the ones from the Pegasus…from Rogaška Slatina.

Muses  were in Greek mithology goddesses of art and sciences. Their number is set at nine by Classical times, who embody the arts and inspire the creation process with their graces through remembered and improvised song and stage, writing, traditional music and dance. Their leader was Apollo.

Muses from Rogaška Slatina are:
- Muse-like
- Uniquely artistic
- So dedicated
- Entertaining.