KUD Triglav Slovenski Javornik - Jesenice


The folklore group Triglav was founded in the year 1991, when the pensioners' folkore group from Slovene Javornik - Koroška Bela was split into two halves, because of a strong increase in younger members. The younger group named Triglav, joined the DPD Svoboda Slovenski Javornik society and with the guidance of Cilka Peternel, from a both organising and proffessional aspect, started to work individually.

In 1996, due to extended activities with a vocal song group, an instrumantal band and a handicraft section as well as a need for more efficient organisation, a corporated official society, KUD Triglav Slovenski Javornik – Jesenice, was founded. It belongs to one of the most outstanding cultural organisations operating in the commune of Jesenice, not to mention offering a very high level of quality in providing for the amateur cultural production and reproduction. For its credits, the group was honered with a municipal award in 1993 and 1999.

There are more than 50 active members in the group today, working hard to please their own interests as well as the public's in different ways, by preserving and reproducing Slovene folk tradition.